Greenville Community Christian Church is a spirit filled Word church with the purpose of edifying saints and bringing deliverance upon every person's life who comes in contact with our teachings. Pastors James D. Corbett delivers the Word from a practical point of view.
With God's anointing, Pastor Corbett has a way of explaining Biblical principles with real life experiences. His side journeys and scriptural references will give you clear understanding and revelation.
GCCC started in March of 1982 with three families. The first service at the home of Pastor Corbett and Pastor Delores. Pastor Corbett preached and taught the adults while Pastor Delores taught the children. The neighborhood children were the first visitors. The "Door of Faith" radio broadcast was GCCC's first Outreach ministry. Within eighteen months, Community Christian Church moved to a new location of 1203 W. 14th St.
GCCC experienced continuous growth. At the 14th Street location, the GCCC choir was formed. It consisted of many members. In addition, a book table started Community Christian Church Bookstore. In December of 1985, GCCC moved to another location, Highway 11 South due to this growth.
GCCC experienced phenomenal growth. Within five years, two Sunday morning services were needed to accomodate the worshippers. In April 1990, Community Christian Church moved to its present location, 1104 N. Memorial Drive. Today we are still growing and reaching the world for Christ.